Why Choose Us

Ethiopia possess an outstanding brand of tourism for it is known as the cradle of human kind and home for many UNESCO registered cultural and historical attractions. It is regarded by many as the original and most authentic tourist destination. When you come to Ethiopia, it feels familiar even before you arrive because you are coming to the home of your ancestors. Haile Hotels and Resorts will make your stay a home-away-from-home. A luxury holiday to Ethiopia with Haile Hotels and Resorts, will suit all tourists, travelers, delegates, from first timers to the African continent, to those with only a short time to explore. Visit to Haile Hotels and Resorts is a must during a trip to Ethiopia. It is an apt place for organizing beach weddings, reception parties, and birthdays, meetings, enjoying sunset and beach holidays and a lot more.

Exceptional Service

Haile Hotels and Resort is no different from others alike, but exceptional. We are distinguished for our variety of most excellent services by professional service providers in internationally recognized places. We are exceptional because we use environment friendly products, standardized and professional service, multi-purpose meeting halls, wide parking space, hotel Management College and bio-gas usage.